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Quality and safety policy

HYPERGRAIN nace con el fin de satisfacer la demanda creciente de materia prima paraguaya a nivel internacional.

The Hypergrain SA Company acquires the commitment to carry out a Quality and Safety Management as a pillar in continuous improvement, with total transparency, for the satisfaction of our internal collaborators, clients, and its application is defined in the three General Objectives:

1. Security

Ensuring food safety throughout the supply chain Based on the order, cleanliness and safety of the product Strengthen security in our supply chain regarding terrorism. Take care of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information of all those involved.

2. Productivity

Produce products in accordance with the requirements of the Quality and Safety Standards Based on regulations and legal provisions with speed and efficiency

3. Continuous Improvement

Develop a Continuous Improvement Policy Fostering teamwork, based on improving the competence and development of our collaborators.